About Us

Arrow Innovation was founded in March 2020 in Toronto, Canada by queer Filipino artist Delfin Vaquilar.

Like many of you, we are frustrated by a streetwear industry obsessed with speed, waste, and clutter. In this noise, clothes cannot be bought with intent. Our closets fill with uncertain options that leave us feeling restricted. In many ways, what we decide to own can influence how we navigate life.

To put what we do simply: we make clothes that last, and we make clothes that tell stories. Treasuring what you have; treating the clothes you own as not disposable, but valuable- it transforms how we express ourselves through fashion.

The community lives here. We bring together those seeking this passion, emotion, and cherishment back to everyday fashion. In less than one year this movement has been embraced by a community abroad Canada and the US, to France, Ireland and as far as South Korea. We hope you can join us too.

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